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Behind the scenes:

J. Pingo Lindstrom
Creator of The Werewolf Cult Chronicles & Writer

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Pingo has written all of the scripts, except the planned THE BUNKER (written by Ola Paulakoski).
Pingo created the WCC in the year 2000, and tried to film the first film, NO SUCH THING AS MONSTERS, himself in Linköping. Film i Öst, however, did not like the idea and funding was never found.

When Pingo met Mike A. Martinez online, a few years later, Mike wanted to a movie - but with another script. Pingo then wrote CHIMERA, which became the first film in the series.

Chronologically, NO SUCH THING AS MONSTERS is supposed to be the second film. VIETNAM 1969 is the third.

Pingo has also written and directed WOLF OF THE GULF - an episode in WCC that has not yet been released.

Pingo is currently living in Sweden and works as a writer, producer and has his own import company.
He also controls the worldwide rights to AXA (www.AXATheMovie.com).

Mike A. Martinez
Director: CHIMERA

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Mike A. Martinez was the first director attached to the project. He lived in Alaska, Fairbanks, at the time and made CHIMERA during three freezing days on the NASA rocket base nearby.

Before CHIMERA he had made approximatly a dozen short-films. His biggest project so far has been MALEVOLANCE - a marvelous gangster feature, filmed on location in Las Vegas with a cast of over 100 people!

Mike is currently attached to Pingo's horror feature KILL THE WRITER. He lives in Hollywood and directs films, commercials and music videos.

Ola Paulakoski
Director: VIETNAM 1969 (also, planned: THE BUNKER, ZEITGEIST & GITT'S DREAM)

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Ola Paulakoski from Karlstad, Sweden, is probably the most hard-working of the whole WCC-crew.
He made the film VIETNAM 1969 during two years, with a lot of difficulties - a producer-battle, short of funds, war with Pingo over the title...

But he made a tremendous movie that not only caught the eye of thousands on YouTube (the trailer for the short-film has currently been viewed over 50,000 times!), but he was also interviewed and clips from VIETNAM 1969 was shown, in Swedish TV-channels SVT and TV4.

Ola Paulakoski has planned and filmed some materials for THE BUNKER and GITT'S DREAM - two other episodes of the WCC-saga.

Currently, Ola is residing in Karlstad and directs short-films and works on features. He is also planning to re-create VIETNAM 1969 for the big screen.


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