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Directed by: Mike A. Martinez

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Canada, 2019.
A small group of soldiers picks up a distress signal from a military compund.
When they arrive they meet two survivors who explain that they were attacked by a terrible beast. Doctor White is still alive, though, and they all set out to rescue him. But the monster is still there, waiting for them to enter...


Chimera was filmed by Mike A. Martinez during three freezing days on NASA's rocket base in Fairbanks. He did a tremendous job, trying to create the difficult script without almost any budget at all. The complete film is released under Creative Commons and can be downloaded or watched online for free at The Archive.

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Vietnam 1969
Directed by: Ola Paulakoski

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Skull Bay, Vietnam, 1969.
Three soldiers on a mission to kill a CIA-defective ends up being chased by a werewolf!


Vietnam 1969 was filmed by Ola Paulakoski during two whole years! The ending was re-written and filmed the second summer. It is Sweden's first werewolf movie, and it is also Sweden's first Vietnam war movie. As such, it's a unique piece of film history.

The film was made by funds provided by Film i Värmland. They reluctantly gave us approx $3,000 to be able to complete the movie. Before it was done, it won an award from Sweden's most famous indy-director: Mats Helge Olsson.

In 2009 the complete film was released in superiour quality on the Vimeo-network.

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Monsters of the Purple Twilight
Directed by: Lars Johansson

World War I, 1916.
After a Zeppelin bomb raid against London, the British RAAF decides to attack the German make-shift airfields by Verdun. But Peter's new gunner seems to be something else than just your regular soldier. Now he has to fight not only the German Fokker's, but also a beast from the darkest parts of hell...


The third film in the saga filmed is a no-budget WWI-flick which takes you to Verdun and back.
Both the script and the film was made in a hurry, but with great fun nevertheless!

The film is released completely for download or streaming via The Archive.

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